Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

With complete confidence, the surveys presented within our website are safe. Halos.gg provides anonymous, confidential, and reported data in aggregation. In addition, we at Halos.gg are also prevented from viewing anything written on the surveys completed by you. We guarantee complete protection.

Halos.gg partners with trusted companies that desire to adversite their surveys, apps, products and so onRegister with Halos.gg by simply logging in with your Google account or by creating an account with your email address. After you sign up, head over to the Earn page where you can discover and explore a varietyof offerwalls, you can also check out our other Features such as 24/7 Giveaways, Affiliates and so on!

Some offers may require prucheases but these offers can be avoided. Users have the choice of choosing an alternative survey, earning halos does not require the use of cash.

Your giftcard codes can be found via email, if you are unable to find your code contact our 24/7 support on Discord.

Yes! Users can complete surveys on their PCs or mobile devices through the earn page.

Halos are the onsite currency of Halos.gg. 1000 Halos = $1.00 US Dollar, that can be used to claim rewards from our extensive catalog filled with over 50 Rewards, When you have enough Halos, you can pick up whatever you want instantly!
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